I graduated from Miami University in Ohio in Secondary Education in English and Language Arts. After college, I taught HS English in Cleveland before moving to Indianapolis.

After kids, I helped in a different fashion in the school arena, serving as President at their co-operative preschool for several years, on the PTOs for their elementary school (VP, President) and middle school (Corresponding Secretary), as an AVID tutor for their school, and volunteering in the library (books!).

I also am in the National Charity League and the Christamore House Guild where I am chairing the Book & Author Benefit Luncheon. For this, we bring in six best selling authors to speak in order to raise funds for scholarships. I love to craft, travel, and obviously read in my spare time, besides hanging out with my family.

Currently I write picture books, middle grade, and adult fiction. 


Thirteen-year-old Shannon can hear the whispers of regret from the dead. But when her neglected uncle’s grave tells her a secret, it will ignite a storm of discovery that could change everything she perceived to be true.

After having to move from the big city to her grandparent’s rural farm, Shannon thinks her life will forever be boring fields of soybeans and manure. That is, until she finds a cemetery full of people dying to talk to her, including an uncle she never knew. Using the voices from beyond to guide her, as well as her very much alive friends, Shannon starts to investigate the supposed accident that killed her uncle nineteen years ago. But as she begins to dig deeper for answers, she’ll uncover a culture of homophobia not only within her small town of Fishburn, but her own family. Shannon will have to choose between dredging up the past and its toll on those closest to her, or fighting to help change the perception of what it means to love without regret.

Unregrettable is an Upper Middle Grade Mystery manuscript seeking agent representation for publication.

Will O. and the Watch of Power

When an adolescent boy finds a hidden compartment in his dead father’s watch, he and his quirky friends are sent to find powerful magical bijous scattered within his community. But each time they find one, its power threatens to destroy his world.  In order to return them and keep both worlds safe, he must find a way to enter a world he never knew existed, revealing shocking truths about himself, his family, and his past.

Will O. and the Watch of Power is a Middle Grade Contemporary (Sub)Urban Fantasy manuscript seeking agent representation for publication.